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Dear guests,

We have created this venue for you not to feel like patients, but like our guests to whom we shall pay personal attention. For we do know what it is to have an unpleasant feeling, to be in pain or to just want to be more charming - there is nothing more disarming than a smile!

We are here, so that you do not have to be in pain, but instead be healthier, more beautiful and with a newly-found self-confidence!

A team of attentive professionals who know better than you the feeling of discomfort when something bothers you - a pain or an unpleasant feeling, as a result of an ailing tooth, a previous treatment, a denture problem or an inflamed gum...

You should call the telephone numbers listed or make an appointment online for a consultation with our specialist!

Waste no more time and resources – the dental office is at a well-connected location, easy to find – visit us and we shall quickly relieve you of your discomfort!

We are expecting you!

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Nikolai Venkov
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